Monthly Archives: December 2012

More than just pizza: Alternate uses for pizza stones

Despite the name, pizza stones aren’t just for pizza. Really, a more accurate name for them would be baking stones, since just about anything that you bake can be made on a stone with delicious results. Here at the pizzacraft office, we decided to put that to the test in our own kitchen. After all, […]

Pizza is an always food: Breakfast pizzas

A good friend and I have a joke about our love for pizza. After hearing that Cookie Monster on Sesame Street would begin singing a song titled, “Cookies are a Sometimes Food” (to encourage kids to eat healthy food instead of just sweets, obviously), we joked that no matter what, “Pizza is an always food!” […]

The History of Pizza (as brought to you by Stuff You Should Know)

Obviously, we’re huge pizza fans here at pizzacraft. And we know we’re not alone: according to How Stuff Works, the average American puts away “an average 23 pounds” of pizza pie a year, and 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the United States. (Of course, we prefer making ours at home!) Being the […]